Free Stuff

We want to help you reach your goals and we know you can't do that on your own. You need support. Whether you need a baby sitter or you need instruction, all memberships includes a sampling of free classes, as well as complimentary childcare services. 


Free Classes

Max Fitness offers a sampling of complimentary group exercise classes including

• Kickboxing
• Yoga
• PoundFit
• HIIT body toning


Free Childcare

The Max takes care of YOU so you can take care of yourself. We know that a happy family starts with happy, healthy parents. 

Childcare Hours
   8:30am - 11:30am
   5:00pm - 7:30pm.

   8:30 - 11:30am


Free Trial

We believe you should have the chance to try before you buy. Whether you want to try a class, workout with a trainer or visit with a friend, the first visit is ALWAYS FREE (for local residents). Need a little more time to try us out? Request a FREE 7-Day trial membership and get started today!


More Freebies

FREE FREEZE PRIVILEGES: Every annual membership comes with FREE freeze privileges, offering more flexibility. Simply contact our staff to put your membership on hold for 30 days or more when life gets in the way. Billing will still continue, but the unused time will be added to the end of your membership so you have a second chance to use your time.

FREE WIFI: Stream music while working out or watch a TV show while doing cardio with high-speed internet. Just choose Max Fitness in your Wi-Fi settings and enter our phone number to get access. 7727787867.

FREE ACCESS: Healthways members use the Max for free. Simply present your insurance card at entry.


Free InBody Analysis

Every new member gets a complimentary Inbody body composition analysis. The analysis gives you a full detailed report of you body composition including:

 - How many calories you burn at rest
 - Body Fat Percentage
 - Pounds of Lean Muscle
 - Pounds of Body Fat
 - Suggested Fat Loss
 - Suggested Muscle Gain
 - Body Mass Index
 - Segmental Lean Muscle Distribution