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  • Raise to a higher position or level.

  • Assist; support; boost; help.

  • Raise a person's spirits or confidence; encourage or cheer.

Yes, we will LIFT weights in LIFT boot camp, but we are also raising the bar in building a culture of positivity, hope and encouragement. Strong people LIFT each other up.  CLICK HERE to enroll!

START DATES: September 10th. October 8th. November 5th. December 3rd. January 7.
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The person with the greatest transformation wins a FREE LIFT program!

The LIFT method: LIFT is a very purposeful workout program designed to give you maximum benefits. The first half of each LIFT workout is dedicated to strength, focusing on one body part. The 2nd half of LIFT is conditioning when you don't need to be as strong but you want to challenge your stamina - and, most of all, MELT FAT!

The LIFT method allows you to use all your glycogen stores (energy) for lifting and sculpting muscle. By the time you get to conditioning, you will have no glycogen left to pull from, which forces your body to tap into fat stores to keep you going! This is where the fat-melting magic begins! Not only do you burn fat in the workout, you get the residual benefits of HIIIT training - which means you continue to burn fat even after you leave the gym!

Includes: weekly inbody compositions, diet education, nutritional counseling and training 3 times a week.
FITNESS LEVEL: All Fitness Levels. Women ages 16 and up. 
TRAINING STYLE/TECHNIQUE: H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) & Circuit Training.
TOOLS USED: Weights, Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Medicine Balls, Bands, Battle Ropes, Fit Balls and Bosu Balls.
SCHEDULE: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays 5:00am, 6:00am 7:00am, 4:30pm, 6:30pm (5:30pm Fridays) 

LIFT = purposeful programming!

It's not "exercise pot luck".
not repetitive boring exercises. 
not about being faster or stronger than someone else.
not about creating the hardest workouts possible. 
It's about getting your body to respond and improve.
It's employing science and knowledge.
It's about making effective exercise fun.
It's about building a support structure and making friends.
It's providing workouts and a culture you enjoy longterm.
It's about getting results.

Can't commit to a full 4-week program? Try FLEX Classes, 30-minute workouts for busy schedules. CLICK HERE to learn more!


Boot Camp Classes (in red) are NOT available for Drop Ins. FLEX Classes (in orange) are $8/class or 10 classes for $60.
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