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  • Raise to a higher position or level.
  • Assist; support; boost; help.
  • Raise a person's spirits or confidence; encourage or cheer.
  • A feeling of encouragement or increased cheerfulness.

Yes, we will LIFT weights in LIFT boot camp, but we are also raising the bar in building a culture of positivity, hope and encouragement. Strong people LIFT each other up. If you need a boost, LIFT boot camp is for you. LIFT combines strength training to sculpt specific muscle groups and conditioning to exercise your cardiovascular system, tone muscle and burn fat. CLICK HERE to enroll!

Our Boot Camps Change Lives

Let us help you get in the shape of your life with our BCx Boot Camps. Boot Camps come with training three days a week, gym equipment workshops, nutritional education, weekly body composition analysis, sample meal plan and support. It's everything you need to transform your life. CLICK HERE to learn more!

Bikini Bootcamp has changed my life in many wonderful ways. It really is an amazing program. I know I’m the first one to whine, moan and roll my eyes but I really do love every hard minute of it. Thank you for helping me to achieve something I never thought possible.
— Leigh Peterson

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